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Well … before you are forced to say out loud that you have never cheated, let me first explain what I mean. You may have cheated yourself even if you have been busy tinkering with your strategy and improving your  mmc 996 game. How can that be?


Assuming that you are not a full-time poker player trying to make a living at the tables, I would argue that poker should enrich your life. It gives you pleasure. To a certain extent, the pleasure comes from winning money from your opponents.


It follows that the more money you win, the more fun you will have with the game. If we want to have as much fun playing poker as possible, we should do everything we can to increase profit. In any case, one should think.


This assumption is based on clay feet. The problem is this: Not everything you need to do at the poker table to increase your profit is fun. Some things that increase your profit will result in you less enjoying yourself.


That’s what I mean when I talk about self-deception when playing poker. In the interest of profit, give up the pleasure – and in this way deprive yourself of the fun you could have.


Get involved in the following thought experiment. Suppose a weird, rich bird is willing to pay you a salary if you play poker on a computer for the long day. He would provide accommodation; maybe it would even allow you to listen to your favorite songs. However, you would have to stay in this room all day unless you have to go to the toilet or eat. All the rest of the time you would spend in front of a screen and play poker.


Many wear headphones and sunglasses, perhaps even a hoodie, to cover up the eyes and much of the face – the hope: no tell.


Also, you should keep the face motionless, the body should be idle – again, so as not to show any tells. You don’t want to speak to others to avoid being spoken to. And you want to go to work like a robot. Your opponents cannot draw any conclusions from your gestures, body language, or movements; the real strength of your hand should remain hidden.


Maybe that’s extremely thoughtful. But how many people play a role in poker that has no interest in captivating others; to get in touch with them? How many are deliberately unsociable or even provocative – just to secure an advantage at the table?


I’m telling you that I’ve watched far too many people who don’t seem to enjoy playing. They are overly serious, sad, agitated, or somewhat stressed. I think of all the fun they rob themselves off because they have limited the human palette of emotions.

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